Concrete Remediation

The deterioration of reinforced concrete is a major problem in coastal regions in aggressive salt laden marine environments. Concrete structures situated in coastal regions are very commonly and adversely affected by concrete spalling (commonly called concrete cancer). That is when the steel reinforcement inside of the concrete starts to corrode (rust) and then expand. The expansion of the steel reinforcement results in internal pressure on the concrete. The pressure causes the bond between the steel reinforcement and the concrete to break down (known as delamination). The concrete then becomes “drummy” (hollow sounding when hit with a hammer) followed by concrete spalling which may fall from the building structure. Unless repairs are undertaken the structure is likely to become unsafe and  structurally unsound. Early intervention is recommended since the rate of spalling accelerates over time.

Developing cost effective and lasting repair solutions requires a combination of in-depth diagnostic knowledge, structural assessment, expertise in developing and implementing practical repair solutions and knowledge of the latest rehabilitation and corrosion control technologies. The combined experience of electrochemical testing and structural analysis is essential for the development of reliable and technically sound rehabilitation solutions. CLOSE CONSULTANTS with our partner Remedial Technology can offer the optimum structural and corrosion solutions.

For each individual structure, the challenge is to develop a tailored strategy for the rehabilitation process. This strategy must be based on a true understanding of the problem in each part of the structure. This involves the development of structure specific solutions often requiring pilot projects where applicable, to verify the proposed methodologies and the preparation of a detailed specification that can deliver the most cost effective and technically sound treatment for the structure.

We provide independent services to contractors, consultants, building owners, strata managers, road, port authorities and councils. We operate in the building, marine, civil and industrial sectors.

Services Include:

  • Structural engineering design services for rehabilitation work
  • Visual inspection, delamination testing and cover to reinforcement measurement
  • Continuity testing, half cell potential mapping and concrete resistivity testing
  • Carbonation, chloride, sulphate and cement content testing
  • Alkali Aggregate Reaction (ARR) and Schmidt Hammer testing
  • Magnesite condition assessment and management strategies


Sample Projects:

The Trident Building
North Steyne, Manly, NSW
Dilapidation Report
Concrete Repair,
Refurbishment & Installation of Cathodic Protection
Sandridge Towers
Refurbishment Apartment Bldg
24 Sandridge St
Bondi NSW
O’Neill Strata Management
RTA Culverts
Concrete Repair
Hume Hwy
Casula NSW
Savcor ART